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Booja Booja Two Truffle Pack - Hazelnut Crunch 69g X 3

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About the brand

What is Booja-Booja all about?

Booja-Booja offers you delicious moments of beautifully sweet pleasure that help brighten the faces of friends and loved ones … and to occasionally quietly enjoy on your own and smile.

Exquisite melt in your mouth chocolate truffles – all whispering to your senses.

Our recipes have the perfectly minimal number of simple organic ingredients and everything is vegan, as well as dairy, gluten and soya free. And then comes the ongoing tweaking – all in pursuit of the holy grail of pure perfection.

We are also passionate about how we go about things. How we function as a company. Respect and kindness are close to our hearts and guide our relationships inside and outside of the company. And we do our best to be open and honest and do what we say we will do, because we like trust and cooperation.

We also love playful tickles of joy along the way…. just because life is more fun like that. And this gentle playfulness inevitably bubbles its way into our products.

Whilst utopia may be as ephemeral as a fleeting kiss, what brings more aliveness than its pursuit?

Or, in the words of Mister Booja-Booja himself: Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then ….



Where do our ingredients come from?

We have 22 ingredient suppliers in 12 countries supplying 34 different ingredients. We develop longterm professional relationships of trust with our suppliers and many are longstanding friends. This is because this is how we like to do things and also it is enlightened self-interest. We are absurdly dependent on them: we do not have a back- up supplier for many of our key ingredients. That is not for want of looking. It is just that as pioneers of health aware deliciousness we often have to go out on a limb to do something new and better. And sometimes there is only one company that can supply what we need to the quality we need …


The meaning of Booja Booja

Booja-Booja is the feeling, the sound that flows with first bite …
It’s pleasurable oneness with all that is arising … pure enjoyment
It’s partying till sane … and not a moment longer
It’s noticing we are not in paradise … and loving anyway
It’s lying guiltless on sumptuous pillows … mere delight.
Melt in the pure happiness and simple joy of Booja-Booja and …
Relax; nothing is under control.


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