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Doisy & Dam Maca Vanilla & Cacao Dark Chocolate 80g

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Product Details

Colombian dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, malty maca & crunchy cacao nibs.

All our delicious dark chocolate is palm oil free, ethically sourced from Colombia, made from natural ingredients and certified by the Vegan Society 

About the brand



The world would be a better place if we ate more of it. Problem is, with dodgy chocolate around that's full of more e-numbers than ingredients, we can't.

But just imagine chocolate full of palm oil, a thing of the past. Cocoa farmers fairly paid. Crap days, magically forgotten about. All through the power of chocolate. That's a world we want to live in. So we decided to make it happen.

A better world, filled with better ingredients, better ethics, and better chocolate. So we can all eat chocolate whenever we dam well please.

And then, well, let's just see what happens...

When it comes to the ingredients in our chocolate, we have two rules: as few as possible and the best possible. Which is why you'll never find anything in our chocolate that's not naturally grown, lovingly made deliciousness. That's why we source our cocoa from Colombia.

Sourcing chocolate can be a dodgy business. We want to show that's not the only way. That's why we became a B Corp; a business committed to being a force for good. Dedicated to doing right by our suppliers, customers and well, basically everyone we ever meet and work with. The kind of business you'd take home to meet your Mum.

Our chocolate tastes great. Why? Because that's what better ingredients and better ethics do. But, shhh! That's our secret recipe. That contented, slightly smug feeling you get from knowing it's better for the planet, better for the people that make it - and dam tasty too.


Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cacao nibs (5%) maca powder (2%), vanilla extract (0.5%)


Per 100g/Per bar Energy 2432kJ (581kcal)/ 1946kJ (465kcal), Fat 42g/33.6g, of which saturates 26g/20.8g, Carbohydrates 43g/34.4g, of which sugars 28g/22.4g, Fibre 9.6g/7.7g Protein 7.5g/6g, Salt 0.01g/0.008g
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