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King Soba Organic Buckwheat Noodles 250g

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Product Details

Noodles are generally considered one of the most nourishing ‘fast foods’ on earth.

Our 100% Buckwheat Noodles are organic and wheat & gluten-free.

Despite it’s name, buckwheat is not a type of wheat but instead a seed of a broad leaf plant.

It has been proven to be high in protein, fiber, and minerals such as magnesium.

King Soba Organic 100% Buckwheat Noodles are kosher, ideal for vegetarians, vegans, celiacs or wheat and gluten sensitive.

Also, as a low glycemic index food, they work well in the GI (Glycemic Index) diet.

Along with typical Asian style dishes, try swapping pasta for these noodles and enjoy a robust spaghetti pasta dish, that’s healthy too!

About the brand

We are a family business who believe in the principles of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.

We believe that a balanced diet based on organically grown whole foods is essential to good health, happiness and well being.

We are passionately against the use of preservatives and hidden nasties in packaged food.

All of our products are Organic, Non GMO and are certified to USDA/NOP, COR and EU standards.

We have a wide range of products which are wheat & gluten free, perfect for special diets.

Our products are made from unique combinations which are delicious, healthy and convenient to use.

We hope you enjoy eating them!


100% Organic Buckwheat Flour.
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