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Loofco Body Loofah

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Product Details

Please note sizes may vary slightly because the loofah is 100% natural.

This body loofah is made using a vigorous growing plant actually called the Loofah, these natural plants are non toxic and completely biodegradable.

Loofco vegan body loofah also has a handy string to hang your loofah to dry which is made from natural Egyptian cotton, also completely biodegradable.

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values their workers rights and supports their skills with fair wages higher than normal rates and medical insurance.

This natural body loofah will last you ages but when the time finally comes to replace it you can simply put it in your compost, it will naturally biodegrade.

Packaged in recyclable card and biodegradable cellulose sticker.

About the brand

LoofCo are a unique brand who make a range of natural handmade household and body cleaning accessories. All of their products are certified vegan, biodegradable and plastic free!

LoofCo use a mixture of natural fibres from loofah plants and coconuts to create their amazing products hence the name.

This company produces their plastic free cleaning accessories in Sri Lanka and Egypt where they ensure ethical and eco-friendly business practices while supporting traditional crops and skills with fair wages.

It is top priority for LoofCo that their products and materials are fairly sourced where the farmers and production workers are treated fairly. LoofCo do not use Monkeys to harvest any of their coconuts in Sri Lanka (sadly some coconut farmers do).

Loofah and coconut plants have been used in a such a way for generations, why use plastic when you can have a natural plastic free alternative!

LoofCo make long lasting dish brushes, washing up pads, body loofahs and more all of which are non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

A far more sustainable option than the synthetic and plastic sponges and dish brushes, these are ideal for zero waste living.

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