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Sunflower Family Organic Instant Sunflower Mince 76g

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Product Details

Sunflower family mince is a instant meat-free protein made from 100% sunflower seeds.

Add the dried mince directly to your favourite sauce and have a meal in minutes.

One natural ingredient that is soya and gluten-free if you have allergies, sensitivities or want a greater variety of plant protein Sunflower Family Mince is a great option.

1 Box serves 4 people. If you add 200g of vegetables or beans it will increase the portions to approx. 6.

Full of protein for that 'fuller for longer' experience.

About the brand

The SunflowerFamily was founded in 2013 in Germany by husband and wife Fabian and Nicole Breisinger along with their good friend Oliver Schenkmann. One of their main goals was to facilitate an easier (and tastier) transition to plant based nutrition whilst using the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes possible; this lead to the creation of the Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein Crisp.

We work on our recipes in an open kitchen and share our creations with family and friends until we know we have something special. We want our love of food and the environment to show in every product we make. With this goal in mind, our formulation team created the award-winning sunflower protein crisp!

After years of continued success in Europe, we expanded to the United States in 2018, and with the help of our friends Gary, Sandi and their family, we continue to spread our message (and love) of sustainably produced, plant-based food.

The Power Of The Crisp

Heliaflor® Crisp is the main ingredient in our initial product offering of Organic Vegan Meals. It is entirely derived from organic sunflower seeds and requires no additional additives or preservatives. SunflowerFamily crisps are low in fat, gluten-free and contain no soy, dairy or added sugars! One serving (20g) contains 11g plant protein and 4g fiber along with folate and beneficial minerals.

Our Philosophy

The SunflowerFamily wants to contribute to a world worth living in – today and for future generations. A key lever to achieve this, in our opinion, is the overall consumption of less meat and other animal derived products. But don’t worry, we do not aim at “converting” anyone! Rather we focus on developing delicious meat-free sustainable plant based products for a healthier and planet friendly diet. This is our mission!


Organic Sunflower Protein (made from 100% Sunflower Protein)
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