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Wheaty Space Bear Hot Dog Snack Sausage 40g

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Product Details

Vegan, organic snack bar based on seitan

Wheaty's Spacebars have been a great vegan snack for school, work, sports and leisure since forever.

Shelf-stable and able to last a long time while out and about, these handy protein snacks have developed a following far beyond the vegan "scene."

Wheaty is a synonym for authentic, high quality organic products low in fat and with lots of vegetable protein.

The latest addition to the Spacebar range, "Space bear", is a variety that appeals not exclusively, but especially to kids: the bar tastes like a tiny, very mild hot dog.

Works great in a bun with a bit of mustard - or just right out of the package. Space Bear is gently smoked with beech wood smoke and is free from added sugar.

About the brand

Wheaty is…

  • organic and vegan, and hence provably better for the environment than an equivalent amount of meat.
  • sourcing its main ingredients locally, in central Europe.
  • palm oil free and actively supporting initiatives to protect rainforests and displaced animals.

Klaus Gaiser, founder of TOPAS, was originally a sinologist, japanologist, and cultural scholar by trade – he speaks fluent Chinese and spent years studying the countries of East Asia.

He learned the art of Tofu and Seitan on trips to the region in the 1970s. Even today, he is in charge of product development and manages to create innovation after innovation.

His Finnish wife Sanni Ikola-Gaiser built the company together with him and is in charge of logistics. Four of their five children are involved in the company.

A long history connects us to the region around Swabian small town Mössingen, in southern Germany, where we are headquartered to this day.

Our story begins in 1982, when Klaus Gaiser started Yamato Tofuhaus in an old dairy in Mössingen. (You can read more about our early history here.)

For the production capacities necessary to fulfill today’s demands, we have converted a former meatpacking plant to a vegan factory.

From there, products are delivered across Europe.Raw ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible.

Our promise: our products’ ingredients cause no destruction of natural habitats anywhere.Our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

We support charities, animal protection and environmental initiatives on the local, national, and international level.

Climate protection

Helping replace meat, one dish at a time. A vegan or vegetarian diet helps the environment by reducing the worldwide demand for meat. Apart from the appalling conditions under which it is produced on an industrial scale, meat is also a major factor in global warming: cattle breeding emits more CO2 equivalents than all global traffic combined.

As many locally sourced ingredients as possible

We avoid long distance transports of raw materials by sourcing our major ingredients only in Europe: the organic wheat protein for Wheaty products comes from Germany and its neighbouring countries. For the ingredients that can’t be grown in our part of the world, we avoid sourcing raw materials that affect rainforest areas. This includes palm oil.

Why we do not use palm oil

Palm oil is a cheap vegetable oil and ubiquitous in the modern food industry. The problem with it is that its cultivation necessitates the deforestation of gigantic rainforest areas, destroying ecosystems, living space for human beings, and the natural habitat of countless animals, for example Orang-Utans in Borneo (pictured above.) For this reason, Wheaty products are (and have always been) free from palm oil. In its stead, we use organic coconut oil and high-quality High-oleic sunflower oil, which is especially suited for frying.


Seitan* (water, WHEAT protein*) 82%, high oleic sunflower oil*, yeast extract*, rock salt, spices* (contains MUSTARD*), onion*, thickening agent locust bean gum*, paprika extract*, natural beech wood smoke. * = certified organic.
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